The Hops We Grow


Our small Indiana Farm works hard to provide the highest quality hops possible.  There are no shortcuts and we provide the hops with hands on plant care, drip irrigation, and custom fertilization schedules.  We take pride in nurturing each individual plant to ensure quality throughout the hopyard.


Our hops are part of our family.  We monitor everything that occurs in our hopyard and pride ourselves on using environmentally responsible methods.  We assure quality from the start by planting disease free virus-indexed plants and continue our quality control through production, processing, and the brewer.


Providing our hops with essential nutrients is one of the most important aspects of healthy, high quality hops.  We ensure proper nutrition through soil testing and customized irrigation and fertilization schedules.  Our drip line irrigation system is connected to holding tanks that irrigate the entire hopyard with the turn of a valve.  This allows us to provide ample water to each plant.


In order to provide a high quality consistent product every detail is important in the processing of hops.  We start in the field with sampling and testing to project optimal harvest time.



When the hops are ready, they are cut down and the bines are run through our Wolf.  The fresh hops are immediately taken into our oast for drying.  


The drying process is extremely important to the quality of hops.  Our drying process begins immediately after harvest.  This allows us to retain essential oils from the hops.  Once dried and conditioned, hops begin the process of pelletizing.  


To maintain essential oils, our pellet line, just like our oast, is designed to operate at a low temperature.  Whole dried hops are ground down and extruded through a die to form pellets


We package with oxygen and light barrier bags and purge with CO2. Packages are labeled with variety, harvest date, and acid levels before being placed into cold storage

Our Partners

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Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones

Alpha Acid-4.5-7%

Beta Acid-4.5-7%



Distinct tropical fruit and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit

Alpha Acid-8-13%

Beta Acid-3-4%



Mild and pleasant with spicy herbal tones

Alpha Acid-10-15%

Beta Acid-4-6%



Serious DANK, mild herbal aroma with strong melon, lemon, lime, and slight spicy notes

Alpha Acid-5-8%

Beta Acid-6.4-7.1%



Daughter of Glacier, citrus and lemon notes with cedar, pine, floral, pepper, and subtle green melon notes

Alpha Acid-7.2-8.2%

Beta Acid-8.5-9.5%



Dank Citrus, grapefruit, American wild, and tropical fruit

Alpha Acid-8-12%

Beta Acid-3-6%